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21 Dazzling Light Painting Artworks.

It can be said that light is the source of all art. It’s because you see an artwork by not only using your eyes, but also rely on the light that makes the art visible. But the situation is gonna be different in this post as the light is not only something that makes the art visible, but the main focus of beautiful artworks with help from light painters.

Yes, it’s called light painting, a cool photographic technique which aims to utilize light into something that can be drawn, mainly by lower shutter speed of the camera that captures the artwork. Painters then use different kinds of light sources like flash light, cathode, LED keychain or even candle to ‘draw’ the light, thus pushing it to become a beautiful artwork.

So how does it look like? Witness it by your eyes. We’ve handpicked 35 light painting works from creative authors using different kinds of light sources to show you what light painting is capable of. Enjoy these works and make sure you won’t be blinded by the beauty of light itself!


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