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Sin Dudas Necesito Este Reloj …


Cuando Yo Era Chico No Había Juguetes Así …


Reloj Made In Argentina.


Thor ~ 2011.

Thor es una película dirigida por Kenneth Branagh, estrenada el 29 de abril de 2011. Se trata de una adaptación del personaje de cómic homónimo creado en 1962. Thor es un héroe que ejerce con su martillo justicia, enviado a la Tierra para proteger a la humanidad. La película está comprendida dentro del megaproyecto coral de The Avengers.

Sinopsis: Thor es lanzado a la Tierra a vivir entre humanos como castigo, tras reiniciar una antigua guerra en Asgard. Su arrogancia se desvanecerá en el momento en que entienda que debe ser un salvador y no un guerrero sin rumbo, salvando a los humanos de las fuerzas malignas de Asgard, bajo el comando de su siniestro hermano Loki.

Ver Online @ Cuevana: Thor 2011 HD


Bad Teacher ~ 2011.


Bad Teacheres una comedia estadounidense dirigida por Jake Kasdan
y protagonizada por Cameron Díaz y Justin Timberlake

Sinopsis: Elizabeth Halsey ( Cameron Díaz ) es una profesora a la que su profesión le importa poco. Es malhablada, despiadada y salvajemente inapropiada. Bebe y su única meta es casarse con un hombre adinerado para poder dejar su trabajo como profesora de instituto. Cuando su prometido la deja, desarrolla un plan para enamorar al rico y guapo profesor suplente ( Justin Timberlake ), pero para ello tendrá que competir contra una colega demasiado enérgica, Amy ( Lucy Punch ), y combatir las insinuaciones del irreverente profesor de gimnasia ( Jason Segel ). Las escandalosas confabulaciones de Elizabeth tendrán brutales consecuencias que impactarán a sus alumnos, sus compañeros, e incluso a la propia Elizabeth.

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Reloj Suizo.

Era un Reloj tan fino, pero tan fino, que en las Manecillas llevaba Guantecillos!


Me Sube La Bilirrubina …


TikTok + LunaTik.

About this project
Thanks for stopping by! If you have just missed our Kickstarter project, please come and visit us at, the new home of TikTok + LunaTik– where you check out the latest news, updates and purchase product. We hope you will follow our progress! —Scott Wilson and the MINIMAL team.

TikTok and LunaTik simply transform the iPod Nano into the world’s coolest multi-touch watches. The idea to use the Nano as a watch was an obvious one ever since the product was announced. But we wanted to create a collection that was well designed, engineered and manufactured from premium materials and that complemented the impeccable quality of Apple products. Not just clipped on a cheap strap as an afterthought. We wanted to create a product that your friends and strangers would stop you and ask “WTF is that??? And where can I get one?!”

TikTok is a simple snap-in design. It allows the user to easily and securely snap the Nano into the wrist dock. It cleanly and simply integrates the Nano and transforms it into a modern multifunction timepiece.

LunaTik is designed and intended to be a premium conversion kit for someone that wants to dedicate their Nano to being a watch and the newest conversation piece with their friends. It is forged from Aerospace Grade Aluminum and then machined via CNC into its final form.

The straps are made from high grade silicone rubber and the hardware is solid stainless steel not some chrome plated brass that will wear off. The quality of these watch cases and straps will be scrutinized very carefully and produced in the same factories that produce the best watches for companies like Nixon, Diesel, Vestal, and Nike.

So many watch companies have struggled to make a multi-touch color display watch to date. It is no small task. The Nano itself is an engineering wonder. Multi-Touch, color display, long battery life, MP3, radio, photos, pedometer, Nike+ and clock all in an impossibly small package. Just like reinventing the phone it took Apple to make it possible. And in clock mode the Nano battery lasts at least a week before recharging. We are excited to help complete the effort in converting it to a watch that everyone can enjoy.

So here is where you come in. Designing products is what we, MINIMAL, do day-in and day-out for big brands. But like most designers our dream is to eventually make our own products. But funding, manufacturing and distributing a new product is a whole other story. Kickstarter is a great way for us to realize many of the ideas that we have in our small studio that we know people will love but big companies are scared to do. We love creating cool stuff without the big company politics and indecision. We believe in the emerging power of community and the individual to bring ideas to life and we hope that this is just the beginning. By pledging at least $25 you are pre-ordering TikTok or by pledging $50 you are pre-ordering the LunaTik and helping make what we believe is a very cool iPod accessory a reality.

And if you pledge at the Limited Edition levels you will get one of the red anodized Backer versions.

With your support we are targeting to have the TikTok shipping to Backers by late December and the LunaTik by mid January. We hope that you are inspired and excited by the idea and choose to support the project. Either way please spread the word and share with your friends. Everyone has at least one friend that is a watch geek.
Thank you!

Note: TikTok will retail for $34.95 and LunaTik will retail for $69.95. iPod Nano not included. iPod Nano, Apple logo and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Project location: Chicago, IL

more info @